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The biggest threat is encountered by those who know everything. Because when your brain is equally developed in all areas of life, it loses the consistency of doing one particular thing throughout the life.

When a person is wired to be a specialist it is easy for him to chose a career, pursue it forever and relax with a satisfaction to have tried it. But the feeling of contentment is transient for people who are wired to do different set of things in just one blessed life. Such people have potential to act smartly in varied fields and hence they take up a job enthusiastically ,work for it for a short span, get bored ,leave the job and search for new avenues, again lose interest from the chosen field and once again continue to search something that would excite them.

The world may call them unstable fellows, whopping from one field to another, but there is nothing wrong in trying new fields and unleashing every bit of “Multi potential” possessed within. The biggest innovations of the World are born at the intersection of two or more unrelated fields. viz Satoshi, a creature tamer in childhood later became an animation professional and devised World famous “POKEMON”.

Encouraging “Multipotentialite” and pairing them with a specialist will form the best team, as along with the depth of the subject that a specialist brings ,a multipotential-ite will carry breadth to the subject.

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