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Constipation Removal Tips

Constipation Removal Tips


(1) 1 gram of cinnamon and 5 grams of herbal powder, 100 ml.  Drinking warm water at night results in constipation due to clear bloating in the morning.

(2) 30-40 grams of black grapefruit in cold water at night by consuming spices in the morning, sowing for a few days.

(3) Indus and pepper in a fine bowl of vinegar at night 1-1.

(4) Taking 10 grams of ginger juice and 1.5 grams of lemon juice in 10 grams of lemon, in the morning drinking constipation eliminates constipation.

(5) Ginger juice, lemon juice and indigo are collected by consuming food in the condition of constipation.

(6) Soak the Ambalai in it for 4 hours, double the water, boil it, boil half the water while remaining, get bomai sugar syrup, make syrup and drink about 20 to 50 grams a night to eliminate constipation.

(7) In a glass of cold water, drinking lemon juice in the morning helps in constipation.  Or drink it before going to bed at night.

(8) 10 grams lemon juice and 10 grams sugar 100 ml.  Chronic constipation is eliminated by drinking it every night for one month in water.

(9) Drink 1-1 teaspoon of lemon and ginger juice in a glass of slightly warm water with 2 tablespoons of honey and it will dissolve the constipation.

(10) Waking up early in the morning and drinking some warm water will clear the diarrhea.  And constipation is eliminated.

(11) One tablespoon of black sesame seeds mixed with soaked butter or yogurt in water, eliminates constipation by eating every morning.

(12) Boil a dried fig and 5-10 grams of milk in it, add some sugar and drink it in the morning to reduce constipation.

(13) At night, 3-4 figs can be used to chew constipation by drinking one cup of warm milk over the trough.

(14) At night, soaking in water, spices in the morning, after sipping and drinking, feces cleanses.

(15) 4-5 psi of date palm, soaked in water in the morning, put honey in it and drink honey for 7 days.

(16) Eating 20-30 grams of cashew nuts with black grapes or green varieties eliminates incontinence or heat.

(17) By consuming jars of nuts, constipation is eliminated.

(18) Regular intake of nutmeg for a few days begins to purify the feces within 3-4 days and eliminates constipation.  Headache and eyesight can also be eliminated due to constipation.

(19) Ripe tomatoes are permanently eliminated by eating bark before meals and regular eating before bedtime.

(20) Drinking one cup of ripe tomato juice or soup daily, releases the dried feces in the intestine.  And the old-time constipation is gone.

(21) Constipation is eliminated by eating ripe bananas at night.  There is no need to take laxatives or wrinkles.

(22) Taking 3-3 grams of fenugreek in morning or evening molasses or water eliminates constipation.

(23) Fenugreek seeds are constipated by eating leafy vegetables.

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